The Blaze - 45 min
Ride like you mean it. 33 to 37 minutes of spinning followed by 8-12 minutes of light-weight arm exercises on bike. Will it work? Well, there’s only one way to know.  

Blazin’ Beginner - 45 min
Here’s where you and your bike become friends. You’ll master setting it up for a perfect fit, familiarize yourself with the heart monitor, learn to use weights, and basically get the hang of everything else before you’re ready to spin. 

Blazin’ Abs - 50 min
Feel your abs take shape with this high-intensity workout. 30 minutes on the bike, then 20 off working those abs. Enough said.  

Blazin’ Cardio - 50 min
A workout to put your heart into. 30 minutes on the bike, then 20 off focused on circuit training to build power and endurance.

Blazin’ Strength - 50 min
Discover a new gear. With 30-minutes on bike and 20 off with heavy weights you’ll work your arms, legs, back, shoulders, and glutes. This isn’t just a workout. It’s a body revolution. 

Blazin' Express - 30 min
Drain then recharge your body to a hundred percent with this 30-minute spin-only no-weight workout. When you're done your entire body will thank you. And you will thank it.

Theme Ride – 50 min
Lights off and strobe lights on! This specialty ride is a party on the bike with a different music theme every last Friday of each month.   

*Class cancellation allowed up to 2 hours before class begins (no shows or late cancellations are charged for class).
*Rides cannot be transferred to another rider.  



1st Free Ride (1 month expiration)

*Free Rides not allowed for Blazin’ Cardio, ABS, Strength or Theme Rides

1 Ride - $20 (30 days expiration)

4 Ride Package - $72 (2 months expiration)

8 Ride Package - $136 (3 months expiration)

12 Ride Package - $192 (4 months expiration)

16 Ride Package - $240 (5 months expiration)

1 week unlimited - $39.99 (8 days)

Unlimited monthly membership - $99 (re-occurring automated payment on day of purchase - a contract)

Gift card

Theme rides




For birthdays, wedding parties, fundraisers, charities, school or work related-events, contact us to learn more about our distinct in-studio private spinning opportunities.


If you’re in Illinois, Indiana or Wisconsin, we’ll come to you! Book your own signature-spinning event where you want it: church, backyard, work, park, school, wherever. If it’s on a map, we will be there!


We offer personal 1-on-1 spin training sessions by appointment.